Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stamping Challenge

I decided a few weeks ago I should try to use all my Stampin Up! sets this summer. If I don't I should sell them because I will probably never use them. So I am thinking of doing this with all my stamps. Can I use them all in 1 year? So starting tomorrow I will be trying to use all my stamps - at least 1 from every set and then if I stay on track I will move on to the single stamps and clear sets. If I make it to next summer I will give away one of the sets I don't use and sell the rest! So please join me. I would love to see what sets the challenge compels you to use. Post a link in the comment section daily so I can see your progress, too. Hopefully this will make me a more faithful blogger :-) The pictures are just a portion of the stamps I have. Oh, and I built the shelves myself!

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