Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sodding the Yard Scrapbook Layout

Here is another layout where we are fixing our home. When we moved in there was no grass in the front yard. It had died from neglect. That was the biggest negative in considering whether we should buy the house. We had never redone a yard but read a lot about it on the internet and decided to order sod. We ended up ordering less than half the amount we actually needed. It took several days to till the yard, grade the dirt and layout the grass. It was so worth it! This layout uses the Basic Grey Pheobe collection again! I used a photo of the grass cut in half as the border on the bottom.
Check out the Basic grey site. Everytime you click on the Home link you can see a preview of one of their new collections. There are 2 that will be great for scrapbooking boys. One is archaic and the other is boxer. I cannot wait! Like I need more paper :-)


Keith said...

LOL... my sis and her housemate decided to lay sod. Those rolls of sod looked so harmless. My sis said, Keith, you can be the wheelbarrow man.... It never occurred to me that that was the most demanding job.... I was so exhausted loading up that sod rolls, and bringing them out... It was indeed worth it

kristi said...

I like this page....because it shows photos of doing something in your home. That is a lot of work!