Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My First Digital Scrapbook Layout

My son Daniel and his friends Morgan and Matthew memorize scriptures for Bible Drill at our church. Sunday was the church Bible drill and they all got a score that was high enough to go to the Association drill at the end of March. I wanted to send some pics to Morgan and Matthew's mom so I decided to use my new PhotoShop Elements (PSE) that I got today along with some free kit papers and elements that my friend Kristi let me use. It only took a few minutes after I figured out that you have to click on the "move" icon in the top left corner to be able to resize your photo by dragging. I am glad I could find paper that looks good with the bright shirts the boys have.

1 comment:

kristi said...

You did very good....to tell you the truth I had to read that it was digital. Very hard to tell the difference on the computer. It looks great. Easy to do....did you like it?